Whatcom Water Alliance

City & County Conservation Group Partnership

Recognizing the growing importance of effective management of precious water resources, cities and water districts in Whatcom County are forming a regional water conservation group, the Whatcom Water Alliance. The goals of the Alliance are to promote water conservation by coordinating public information efforts and related activities.

Whatcom Water Alliance

Alliance Members

In 2007, the Washington State Department of Health adopted the Water Use Efficiency Rule, requiring municipal water suppliers to develop more effective water conservation programs. The new rule views regional collaboration with other utilities as a cost effective approach to water conservation. Current alliance members include:

  • Birch Bay Water and Sewer District
  • City of Blaine
  • City of Ferndale
  • City of Sumas
  • Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District
  • Point Roberts Water District #1,
  • Point Roberts Water District #2
  • Point Roberts Water District #7

Possible New Members

Bellingham, Lynden and Everson have been participating in alliance meetings and are also considering joining the alliance. The alliance members have agreed to support a voluntary odd-even watering schedule.

Partnership Efforts

The alliance members work together to develop public outreach materials that can be shared among participating utilities which also save agencies time and money. Public outreach materials include stuffing bill envelopes, flyers, brochures, and placing door hangers for alliance member water utilities to use and distribute as they see fit.

Some agencies will be giving away rain gauges which are used to measure how much water a sprinkler has applied. These rain gauges will remind customers of the "1 inch per week" guideline.